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6 Mil Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting Roll, 25x40 ft UV Resistant Polyethylene Cover for Agriculture and Farming Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Crops, Clear Film for Gardeners

SKU: B0788K3Y5G

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  • Green House Plastic: Use the clear plastic film to grow a wide variety of agriculture farming herbs, vegetables, flowers, and crops in your greenhouse while also protecting your plants from UV rays
  • Simple Installation: The plastic greenhouse film will play an important role in providing heat retention, simply place the plastic film wrap over your greenhouse and use tape to secure it into place
  • Reliable Quality: Our 6 mil greenhouse plastic film provides higher light transmission for plant photosynthesis to create an optimum environment for your plants to grow and flourish
  • Versatile Size: The clear plastic sheeting roll measures 25 feet wide x 40 feet long but can easily be cut to your preferred length and size to accommodate your greenhouse surroundings
  • What You'll Get: You will receive 1 greenhouse plastic 6 mil roll to ensure you have more than enough to cover your entire greenhouse; designed for prolonged and continual use
  • ASIN: b08dcwnrby

If you're looking for a reliable solution to protect your greenhouse and enhance the growth of your plants, Okuna Outpost's 6 mil plastic sheeting is an excellent choice. This high-quality plastic material is designed to retain heat while shielding your plants from harsh weather conditions and UV rays. You can rest assured that this durable material will last long, as it's resistant to rips, tears, and frays. Cover your greenhouse with this plastic film wrap and watch your flowers, vegetables, and herbs thrive! It's effortless to apply, and the results are remarkable. Your plants will benefit from the ideal environment that this greenhouse plastic cover provides, resulting in healthier, more robust growth. So, whether you're a seasoned greenhouse enthusiast or a novice gardener, Okuna Outpost's plastic sheeting is an excellent investment for any growing operation. With its long-lasting durability and superior performance, you can enjoy the benefits of a thriving garden for years to come.


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